Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summertime means cruise nights

You know it's summer when the Monday night cruise nights begin. Yesterday Cubby said, "Let's head over to Atkins," and we did. Here are a few of the cars . . .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Amherst High School Car Club Visits John Robison's House

This afternoon, I invited the car club from Amherst High School to my house. Last winter, one of the kids had read Look Me in the Eye, and he'd asked to come see the cars. Today, he bought some of his friends. These 10th graders told their story in words and pictures, and I thought I'd just turn their email into a blog post on this fine Tuesday evening.

My son Jack was on hand to help pull cars around, and he took the car club members for rides around South Amherst. We pulled the Corniche convertible out for the first time since last fall, and he even took a carload to the gas station. This is their story:

Arriving at John's House

Stefan looks great in the Mercedes 560SL

Isaac and Noam in the Jaguar XJS

Checking out the ex-British Army Land Rover Defender

Noah's favorite

Who wants to ride the Harley?

Checking out the Bentley Turbo R

Filling up the Rolls Royce

Jack was our chauffeur

Cruising in the Rolls

And then there were cookies

Thanks, John!