Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some scenes from the British Invasion, 2007

Come see us this year!

I'll be appearing at the Burlington Book Festival on the second Saturday in September, and I'll be at the British Invasion the following weekend.

Introduction to the Robison Service blog

Welcome to the brand new Robison Service blog. My book blog ( ) has proven very popular, so I decided to do something similar for cars and car-related stuff.

We'll start out with some pictures . . .

Here we have an Aston Martin engine, from the 1960s. Note that it's "similar but different" from the Jaguar six of the same period.

This is the new Bentley Continental coupe. The Volkswagen design has proven to be the most popular Bentley every, though purists scorn it as "just another modern car."

Bob Vail watches Land Rovers move through the fog at the 2006 BSROA Fall Heritage

In this photo you can see the tremendous wheel articulation of the Tonka, a Land Rover conversion we did with Volvo troop transport portal axles.